This side will hold all information about my JavaFX book called “Mastering JavaFX 8 Controls”.



Mastering JavaFX 8 Controls introduces JavaFX controls and the basic JavaFX APIs to handle them. It then reviews available controls and provides clear instructions on how to alter them as well as how to create new, custom controls specified to the user’s needs. JavaFX 8 will revolutionize application development as the definitive cross-platform solution for developers and UI designers. Experienced developers new to JavaFX and those ready to start advanced work will benefit from this book.

  • Includes tips and comparisons for Swing developers transitioning to JavaFX 8
  • Advice and best practices from interviews with leading JavaFX experts, Claudine Zillman, Gerrit Grunwald, and Jonathan Giles
  • Explains the more special and complex workflows and technologies needed to develop high-quality, customized business applications
  • Code examples available for download

Table of content

  • The History of Java UI Toolkits
  • JavaFX Basics
  • The Scene Graph
  • Layout and Transformation of Nodes in the Scene Graph
  • JavaFX Basic Controls
  • Additional JavaFX Controls
  • Additional JavaFX Nodes
  • Integrating JavaFX, Swing and SWT
  • Styling a Control
  • Custom Controls


A preview of the first chapter “The History of Java UI Toolkits” can be found in the Java8 eSampler of Oracle Press. The excerpt starts on page 106.


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I created a GitHub repo for all the samples.


You can order your copy today :)