The 3rd beta of DataFX 8.0 has been released. Here are all new features / bugfixes of the version:

  • Injection is working in superclasses (issue 30)
  • @PreDestroy is now working correctly for view controllers in a flow (issue 22)
  • DataFX-UI module contains a helper class to create form based views (see org.datafx.control.form.SimpleForm)
  • Some general classes are moved to the DataFX-core module
  • DataFX ExceptionHandling and the default thread pool can be configured (see org.datafx.DataFXConfiguration)
  • Each view can define it’s metadata (title, icon, …) by using the ViewMetadata class. The current instance can be injected in a controller by using the @Metadata annotation. Example can be found here.
  • The default title of a dialog and it’s icon can be defined by the @FXMLController annotation.
  • The Flow class and the ViewFactory class provides methods to generate Tab instances. By doing so views or flows can simply be added to a TabbedPane and the title / icon will automatically be set.
  • Jackson dependency was removed. DataFX now uses the default JSON spec for JEE.
  • @ActionMethod annotation can be used to define flow actions directly in a controller class.
  • @LinkAction annotation can be used to define flow links directly in a controller class.
  • DataFxTask contains new then(…) method to support reactive programming
  • All methods of the ProcessChain has been renamed. By doing so no casting when using lambdas is needed.
  • FlowHandler class contains JFX properties instead of normal properties
  • The ProcessChain has support to repeat it’s action.
  • A first JPA sample was added for the new DataFX-crud module

For the next version we plan to add a lot of documentation and samples to the DataFX-core and DataFX-flow module. In addition we will change the build to gradle and modernize the usage of JSON. In addition we will try to fix the open issues.

You can find more information about DataFX here, our Google Group or at the Bitbucket repo.