A second preview build of DataFX has been released today. In a few hours the build can be found at maven central.

DataFX 8.0b2 contains the following modules:

  • datafx-core: General classes, concurrency support, controller API (MVC) & basic data readers
  • datafx-datareader: Implementations for the data reader API: REST, JSON, XML, JDBC, etc.
  • datafx-ui: Some special cell classes for table and list controls
  • datafx-websocket: Websocket support
  • datafx-featuretoggle: Support for feature toggles in JavaFX
  • datafx-ejb: Inject remote EJBs in your controller classes
  • datafx-flow: The Flow API to define complexe flows of several views

A short overview of all changes can be found in the DataFX group.